What causes my glass to look scummy / dirty?

Glass is porous. The minerals in your water build up over time and grab the glass. In addition, soap scum builds up so you end up with layers of mineral deposits and soap scum. Ask us about our H2Off Glass Coating Process which will seal the pores of your glass and virtually eliminate the hazy buildup.

How do I keep my glass clean?

By using our H2Off coating system, your glass will be sparkling clean for years to come.

What is obscure glass and is it better for shower enclosures?

Obscure glass has a pattern in it making it more difficult to see through. The opacity is dictated by the type and style of pattern in the glass. Obscure glass is used for decorative reasons and for privacy and it's simply the best.

Are shower doors safe?

All shower enclosures should be made out of safety glass and, if designed and installed properly, shower enclosures are safe.

What is a frameless shower enclosure?

For years, shower enclosures were framed with an aluminum channel and thus they became known as framed enclosures. The next step in the evolutionary process was to eliminate the frame around the door, leaving the glass free of obstructions on 3 sides. This style is known as a semi-frameless enclosure.

Approximately 12 years ago, the so-called "frameless" enclosure was born. While not truly frameless, the glass is usually 3/8" or 1/2" thick and has a combination of hinges and clamps to hold it into place. In some cases, there are headers and "U" channels to help create a stable and safe installation. A more accurate term would be "Spa Style" or "Heavy Glass." Within the glass industry, 3/8" thick or thicker glass is referred to as Heavy Glass.